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Practice Areas

At Bottom Line Financial, we care about our clients. We offer a large suite of products customizable to each person.

Tax Preparation


At Bottom Line, we focus on client care, offering a personal, but technology forward tax preparation process. Whether you need individual, business or trust tax preparation, we carefully track the progress from beginning to end to ensure a smooth filing. 

Our tax preparation process is not just about compliance, it is about using the tax code to your advantage to make sure you never pay more than you actually owe. Our proven tax planning methodology, whether for individual, business or trust returns, saves thousands for our clients each year and we can do the same for you!


Our team of accountants use the most productive and secure tax software products to ensure you find the tax process easy and transparent. It's fast, accurate, and cost-effective.

Tax Planning


We believe that tax planning should focus on the future. Successful income tax preparation and filing begins with proper tax planning. By taking the time to understand your business structure, your goals and objectives, and your future vision for your organization, our expert accountants provide planning and tax preparation services that protect your business and support your long-term growth


Long before it’s time to prepare your tax filings, we’ll create a customized tax strategy that’s just right for you. We gather information from you on your homes, businesses, investments, and past tax returns and use it to identify specific strategies that will limit your tax exposure. Your plan will include federal and state level tax credits, deductions, and loopholes that most accountants miss and the average taxpayer would never know about.


Business Advisory


Our team of experts possesses decades of deep industry experience that we apply to the unique needs of middle-market companies. Business advisory services chart a course for long-term success and we believe you deserve the same elevated level of service available to larger organizations. With passionate and enthusiasm, we employ a solutions-based approach that assists you in identifying gaps in your organizational structure and operating environment as well as opportunities for growth and increased profits; we can then assist you in developing your action plans to achieve your goals. 


Whether you are a pre-revenue start-up, a family-owned business, or an established company looking to achieve greater market share, we see you as an individual and your company as our primary priority.

Entity Formation

Founding a business is always an exciting time. Our business formation services offer personalized recommendations from our CPAs, ensuring your new or existing company is optimally structured and classified.

Our team has set up C corporations, S corporations, limited liability companies, limited liability partnerships, general partnerships and limited partnerships in a wide-variety of industries.

We know that the type of entity chosen will impact the founders’ goals towards growing their company and eventually building their personal wealth. Our experience in optimizing for growth, tax minimization, and client goals, helps us work with founders in creating the best entity to achieve their objectives.



Bottom Line Financial offers professional bookkeeping and accounting for small to medium sized businesses. Timely and accurate record keeping is essential to maintaining a healthy and successful company. While many business owners understand this importance, the bookkeeping is often set aside due to time constraints, frustration with the software and a lack of desire to perform the tedious work. Let us take the business bookkeeping off your shoulders so you can focus on what is truly important, growing your business.

Depending on your needs, we provide monthly,  quarterly and annual bookkeeping. 

Our team, which has the highest level of certification for QuickBooks Online, also provides hourly consulting to increase your productiivity.



At Bottom Line, we classify the entire world of tax regulations and map them against your existing policies, controls and procedures, to ensure effective compliance with stringent and ever-changing tax laws and provide real-time understanding of regulatory change.


Have oversight of potential gaps in your tax program by harnessing our tax compliance software that offers unparalleled horizon scanning to keep ahead of regulatory and industry developments.

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